My Road to Revision – The Next Steps

So I’ve done a couple of things since I started to nail down what needs to change in my novel. Most of these things came from advice I read from others either on the Internet or in books (I will try to source them appropriately so you can see the advice in it’s whole).

  • Find 10 words that sum up my novel, put them on post it notes and look at them during the entire process. (via Chuck Wendig in this blog post). I’m actually really excited about this one. I think it will help me keep my focus on what is really important for my novel and allow it to grow around those words where necessary.
  • Sit down and make sure (1) Each scene has a purpose (2) Each chapter ends with a hook (3) The opening scene addresses reader’s empathy. This one came from a lovely comment from Danny Knestaut on Google+. This one will honestly help me know where to start with my revisions.
  • Various other tips (that I have flagged – although do not remember because the book isn’t sitting in front of me at the moment) that I got from Check Wendig’s book “The Kick-Ass Writer.” A lot of it is reassuring that I’m following the right path and some of it actually has given me some great thoughts about where the story should be going instead of where I am currently taking it.
  • Sending texts to myself. No, seriously! I’ve gotten into the habit of sending myself texts of notes that I want to remember for revising my novel. For some reason it just seems like the best way for me to keep track of them!

Feature imaged from Steven Feather of Flickr.


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