Stop Comparing Yourself

It’s a problem I definitely have. You have life aspirations and a few people around you tend to share those goals. For me, it’s hard not to see their success or struggles and compare their place in achieving their goals to mine.

Sometimes, it works out in my favor. They aren’t as far along as me. They don’t have as much social media engagement as me. Sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes I see them doing their thing and think “I wish I could be more like them. I wish I had what they have.” But that’s bad too.

Recently I’ve noticed that these comparisons are toxic. They don’t help me get anything more accomplished. They aren’t motivators. If anything, they just tend to make me feel like crap.

It seems that despite these comparisons, I always have little nudges of positivity in the back of my mind. You know why these people are ahead of me? Because they probably started before me! So stop freaking out self!

So keep that in mind if you also have a problem comparing yourself to others. We all take a different journey to get where we are. We all start at different times. Don’t look at extremely successful people younger than you and say “what have I been doing all my life?” because you know what? What you have been doing all your life has made you who you are. And if you want to be an author like I do, those experiences make you the writer that you are.

Featured image by Michael Johnson on Flickr.


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