Making It Easier to Write While Having A Full-Time Job

It hasn’t been a full year yet since I started working full-time. And let me tell you, it’s not exactly what I had expected. Having just graduated college, I was thinking “Great! Working = no homework = more free time to write!” Too bad that was some serious wishful thinking. Sure, I do have more free time as I usually don’t take work home with me (I also haven’t been there a full year, so that might start at some point). But what I didn’t really account for was the being at work for 9 hours (including lunch/breaks). I hadn’t really thought about how exhausting it was, even though I had worked “full-time” during summer internships.

The problem is getting that extra motivation to work more after getting home and really just wanting to binge watch TV shows and sleep as early as acceptable. But that’s not going to help me get this novel done (especially now that I started completely over.)

I’ve contemplated getting up earlier and writing before work, but I’m just not that productive at that hour. Currently I’ve been trying to write for an hour or so when I get home. But the problem with that is I don’t usually get through a scene or thought process by the time I stop. So the new plan is to write chapter by chapter and not forget what my train of thought was when I stopped.

But something else that I’m going to add to my writing arsenal is Novlr. I had paid for a lifetime use (I think it was $100) a couple months ago and kind of forgot about it. But really, it couldn’t be more prefect for me. If I wanted to write on my lunch break, I would need to take a flash drive between work and home with my novel on it. Or email myself the draft, save it, then email it back to myself. (I wish I could use Google Docs or another service like that, but those types of services are blocked at work for security purposes). So, to Novlr I go! I can write wherever I have a computer (good thing I work on one of those!) and not worry about forgetting the draft at home or work if inspiration were to strike in the other location.

I’m still trying to work out the kinks though. I wouldn’t pretend to say that this is easy, because it’s not. It’s exhausting. But totally worth it. If you have any tips as someone who is doing the work and write thing, let me know! I’d love to get any advice I can (and quite frankly, I am an advice reading junky).

Featured image by Phil Whitehouse on Flickr.


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