Discovering the Writing from My Past

I discovered one of the stories I wrote in high school the other day. Then I decided to read it. At first, I was concerned. How horrible was it going to be? Then I noticed that I had written nearly 21,000 words – which impressed present me. I hadn’t realized that I had written that much before my first NaNoWriMo attempt!

Anyway, as I was reading, I didn’t think it was half bad. Sure, it was a mess in places. Okay, it was a hot mess in places. But I was also writing the longest thing since I had written Twilight fanfic (no, you absolutely CANNOT read it. It’s the most horrifyingly butchered piece of writing I have discovered.).

After I read the story, I read the comments on the story. And it’s almost hilarious that I noted one of the two more critical comments myself and that the other is a known problem that I even have today:

  1. “im sorry, but its kinda unrealistic/overdone” – uh yeah. So it was practically a YA soap opera. No bueno.
  2. “I think I’d put more of Jacquelyn thinking to herself/describing things around her. I personally think there’s a little too much of just dialogue, but so far, so good!” – someone I have had critique my work in the past wanted to beat me over the head because I tend to not describe things.

Anyway, I highly recommend reading something you had written several years ago. It’s nice to see that I have improved and to note that I still have some of the same issues.

If you want to see my thoughts in more real time, I tweeted a bit. And here are those reactions.

Featured image by M Car on Flickr.


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