Why Everyone Should Learn HTML

This post pertains to you. Yes I typically write about writerly things. But this post relates to almost EVERYBODY. So listen up.

You should learn HTML. Why? Here’s why:

  1. Digital is important. If you are a small business owner, a writer, a person looking for a job with things to show the employers, it’s good to have a website. It’s obvious that businesses and people who are trying to sell things (or generate awareness) need a website. But even individuals who are just trying to sell themselves (not literally – in the sense that you need to “sell” yourself to an employer to be hired) should have a website. My sister who is a teacher had a portfolio website. My boyfriend who was going to get his PhD had a website. End rant. You get it. Get a freakin’ website.
  2. Knowing HTML can make your day job easier (especially if you are in the communications fields). If you are a blogger, reporter or anyone who is responsible for writing content and putting it on a website, knowing HTML is a huge plus. Even where I work, the marketer’s and other folks responsible for editing content on their parts of the website seem to have an advantage in doing so, if they know HTML.
  3. You can learn for free. I taught myself almost all the HTML I know. Something I have been using to learn other skills, but includes HTML and CSS is Codecademy. It’s free, easy, and includes Q&A forums in case you really get stuck.

If you can’t tell, I am passionate about HTML. I deal with it daily, and I think it is really becoming something that if you know a little bit of it, it will go a long way.

That being said, if you start learning HTML/CSS and are working on your own site and run into issues, I will gladly help you out. Tweet at me, send me an email, or whatever. Learning is always an important part of our lives, so if I can help you learn, then I will!

Featured image by Morten Wulff on Flickr.


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