Do or Do Not There IS Try

Most people I think have heard the quote “Do or do not, there is no try.” But I’m here to tell you that I think there is.

Sure, technically you either succeed or fail and you can’t “try” because you fall into one of those two categories. But that’s not what I’m after here. Trying makes all the difference, to me, in succeeding and truly succeeding and failing and failing miserably.

To my point, if you put effort and legitimately try to write a novel you are going to get better no matter if the novel is a success or a failure. In my mind, that means something more than necessarily the outcome. If you half-ass a first draft, sure, you “successfully” finished a novel (draft) but where does that leave you? If you actually pour your heart and soul into that first draft (and yeah, it’s still gonna suck, trust me, mine did) you are going to be far better off. I mean, who wants to edit/revise something that is half-assed? Wouldn’t you rather be able to work with something that has some effort into it? Maybe the plot needs lots of help, but your writing is on point. Or maybe this character is super developed but their dialogue needs fixing.

But this goes further than in writing. This is about LIFE people. What’s the point of doing something if you aren’t trying? And maybe that’s just me. But the thought of half-assing anything stresses me out.

Featured image by Ben Watkin on Flickr.


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