Lauren’s Lessons Learned: I Have Always Loved Writing

I’ve been told a couple of times that it’s good to read the genre that you write. And I would have to agree with that. Number one, it helps you find out what others are doing in your genre, and ultimately help you be knowledgeable when you are looking to get published. Number two, it helps you see what does and doesn’t work. What better way to find some tricks to utilize than within the genre you write!

But that’s fine and dandy, but now what. Are you seriously going to just sit and read one genre for the rest of your life? No! So here is my genius plan to read my genre (which is one of my favorites to read as well) but get some more variety in there.

  1. Pick a book to read. Try making this one not the genre you write.
  2. Finish book.
  3. Pick up another book. This one is the genre you write.
  4. Finish book.
  5. Rinse. Repeat.

See how easy that is?! Plus, if you don’t particularly like a book that you pick up (and I’m the kind of person that has to finish a book for whatever reason) then the next book you get to read you are likely to enjoy. Or, you know, maybe weed out books that you don’t think you are going to like if you aren’t into that sort of thing.


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