Let’s *NOT* Start at the Very Beginning…

One thing that I’ve always sort of sucked at is the beginning of my pieces of writing. Whether it’s a short story or a novel draft, the beginning usually felt slow. And honestly, I never really liked what I had written!

Most people will tell you to start at the last possible second – and I completely agree with that. The only issue is, how do you know when that is? My beginnings usually started with a paragraph or two of background info (that not-so-fun info-dump if you will). But writing it out always helped me gather my thoughts on what is important for the reader to know.

So here was my solution. Write the horrid beginning anyway. Write the dreaded info-dump. Then delete it. Well, delete it after you take a catalog of what you need to sprinkle throughout the beginning parts so that the important info is still given to the reader. But then, seriously, delete it. You’ll know where the fun stuff actually takes place and where that “last second” is.

Now, most writing advice isn’t given as fact or truth, and this shouldn’t be either. This is just how I overcame my regular problem with beginning a story. So maybe this will work for you, and maybe it won’t. But if you are having difficulties with it, it’s worth a shot!


2 thoughts on “Let’s *NOT* Start at the Very Beginning…

  1. […] But I realized that what I had written was pretty much garbage (not something I would like to admit, especially with what time I have spent on it). That’s not to say that the writing was garbage, because I don’t think it was. I just hadn’t taken a step back from my plot long enough to realize that I was starting my novel WAY too far in advance from the real story (for more about writing beginnings, check out my post Let’s *NOT* Start at the Very Beginning…). […]

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