Road to Revision – Next Steps

First – let me apologize if this post is a little rambly – my FIRST scheduled version of this post just disappeared. So this is my not-so-witty replication from what I can remember:

I’ve come up with a handful of things that are my next steps to revising my novel. Most of this came from some lovely internet and book people that have directly given me or others writing advice:

  • Create a list of 10 words that sum up my novel, put them on post-its, then look at them throughout the revision process. This came from a blog post by Chuck Wendig. I am really excited about this one because I think it will help me keep in mind different parts of the novel that I really, truly want to keep in tact, and which parts I can change as new ideas come to me.
  • As I go through the novel, make sure that (1) each scene has a purpose, (2) each chapter ends with a hook and (3) that the opening scene caters to the reader’s empathy. This came from a nice (and lengthy) comment from Danny Knestaut on Google+. I think this one will help me know exactly how and where to start with this huge revision process.
  • Various flagged notes that I have from Chuck Wendig’s book “The Kick-Ass Writer”. Just reading advice from others makes me feel much better about the process and actually keeps me motivated to sit my ass down and revise. Plus, I’ve actually gotten some really great plot revision inspiration from reading not-so-specific ideas (like how important the setting is and how believable fantasy should be [two different ideas I read yesterday] So guess what? I’m changing my setting!)
  • Send myself texts. No, seriously, I send myself texts notes of things that I want to remember when I go to revise my novel. Instead of keeping it in a little notebook or journal (because I’m constantly changing bags of different sizes depending on where I am going) this is an easier way for me to keep track of ideas that come to me in the most inopportune of moments.

For someone who was a bit nervous about this process, I think that reading other’s advice on the process and getting advice directly towards my concerns was really helpful. So if you have others of your own, please share!

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2 thoughts on “Road to Revision – Next Steps

  1. I just stumbled upon your blog and just finished my first real deep edit of a novel, so I couldn’t help but leave a comment. I put off doing a big edit for quite a while. I think because it was a new process, but I learned so much about what works for me by finally doing it. Anyway, one thing I found helpful was to keep a list of the big edits I needed to make. You know the changes that needed to make across multiple chapters. It was nice to have the list handy for easy references as I went through the novel scene by scene.

    Good luck with your edit.

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