Brand New Shiny Things!

Today I added a couple of new things to my blog!

  1. Recommendations: These are books and blogs I recommend, if you like my taste of things. I also include “badges” incase you want to create your own recommended blogs list and include my blog on it. (And no, I did not recommend my own blog. That would just be ridiculous!)
  2. Book Thoughts: This was previously called “reviews.” I changed it for a couple of reasons. One – they aren’t really reviews. Like, two are reviews but the rest are more just thoughts after having finished a book. Two – I’m never going to really give a book a “bad” review. I was once told that as a writer, you should never diss or talk bad about something (whether that be another book or movie) because you never know where that could put you in the future. All the thoughts there are more or less along the lines of “I liked this book, so if you liked other books I have liked, you’ll probably like this one too.” None of the books I have read are bad. Some aren’t my taste of books, but I would never say that it was bad (because some of them are written really well!)
  3. Home: This is rather silly to mention, but the web specialist in me couldn’t resist. Main reason I added this was because not every one is tech/web savvy enough to know that if you typically click a logo (or in my site’s case, my name) that is brings you to the home page. So I wanted my site to be more friendly to all types of web users!

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