New Years Resolutions: How I Plan to Become a Better Writer, Reader and Human Being

I usually don’t do New Years resolutions. I tend to think they are tacky and kind of useless. Why wait until a new year to do something you want to do? Well, at the end of this year I happened to have a realization of what I do want to do, and figured the new year would be a good date to force a change.

While I don’t exactly have a  “get fit” or “read x number of books” type of resolution, my plan is to give myself “guidelines” to live how I want to live, so I can be successful for myself.

So, here are the things I want to get better at this year:

  • Finish my novel: Okay, so this one is more tangible. I’ve been working on it for a couple years and I’ve realized that if this is something I want to do professionally (which is true) then I have to put it to the forefront of my life. Which means writing every day, watching less Netflix in the process. But I think it’s more about being proactive and get more discipline.
  • Read more: Not setting up any number goals, but I really want to get back in the habit of reading for fun again. This means, for me, just reading at minimum a couple chapters a day. Reading makes you a better writer, so this kind of falls with my first goal.
  • Learn more web development skills: Professionally, this is what I do. I want to better myself professionally by learning more than just HTML and CSS. I’ve recently purchased Adobe DreamWeaver and plan to just make mock websites to actively put those skills to use. If you are reading this and think “Hey, my website needs some help! Would she be able to help?” I would LOVE to help.
  • Feel like a better person: So this one doesn’t really have anything to do with reading or writing, but I figured if I write it on the internet, then I am definitely accountable for it. What I mean is that there are certain things that you can do to make yourself feel good that you don’t necessarily do for various reasons. For me, this includes working out (now that I’m not walking to class every day) and dressing in a way that I actually like the way I look & feel in the clothes. My plan is to do some Wii Fit every morning (getting up a bit earlier – not looking forward to that…) and to plan out what I am going to wear the night before. Because to me, feeling good with what I’m wearing makes me more confident and more likely to do other things, well, better.

I realize that I am being ambitious, but isn’t that what this sort of thing is all about? Trying to have a more ideal lifestyle for yourself? Regardless, I think that I will be a happier person as I try to work on these things in 2015.


2 thoughts on “New Years Resolutions: How I Plan to Become a Better Writer, Reader and Human Being

  1. Nothing wrong with being ambitious! Good luck! It seems many of our resolutions are the same. I have to step away from my television and some of my “hobby” crafts to work on my book. Writing is what I want to do professionally the other crafts are for fun. Have to get my priorities in order.

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