As writers, we can’t know everything about everything. And usually that means there are some scenarios and just general things that we aren’t familiar with that we need to write about. So, obviously the solution is research. But is it?

My main WIP has some science-y things going on in it. I am not so science-y. My solution? A little bit of research, a little bit of: hey, believe me because I am the author and things are obviously a little bit made up here.

So yeah, research isn’t always the answer. I kind of play a little bit of the whole fake-it-til-you-make-it game. And I think that this is okay in some situations.

I am, however, a bit worried about my NaNo novel for this year, especially since I am writing it on Twitter (for more on that, check here). A huge part of my plot is adoption, something I know little about. And I know that this can be a sensitive topic for some people. So how do I balance my usual make it up attitude with finding the exact information I need for my story?

That’s where I am. I plan on trying to figure out exactly what is realistic for my plot, but I have a feeling that finding that exact information isn’t going to be easy. If you know anyone who is an adoption expert, I would love to see if they can help me.

In the meantime, I plan on including a disclaimer to my whole project, explaining what the story is, etc, and how this is experimental and that any inaccuracies are unintentional.

Featured image by Flickr user Dayna Bateman.


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