How to Keep Up with NaNoWriMo

NaNoWriMo is obviously about writing, and getting to that 50,000 word mark. Well, there are things about NaNo that have nothing to do with it, but it is a large part of it. So, as NaNo is only 4 days away (yikes!) I am going to share with  you guys my strategy to keeping myself honest with my word count.

To write at a regular pace throughout November, you need to write 1,667 words a day. My usual method is to create a calendar with each word count I need to hit each day. Yes, the website does tell you where you are at, but here are some reasons why I don’t use that one:

  1. It’s on the internet and so are distractions.
  2. If I can’t remember my goal for the day, I log in and have the urge to update my word count that very instant. And then I do so more often than I want to. I like putting in my final word count for the day and keep my update to that one time.
  3. I can remind myself all day how many words I need to write without going to the website and seeing that sad bar that hasn’t made it there yet.

Aside from the calendar, I also like to note days that I likely won’t get any writing done. One year I went to the Big 10 championship game (Go Badgers!) and knew that I wouldn’t get much (if any) writing done for at least 2 days. So what was my plan? Write ahead! I can tell you I prefer the work ahead method to the catch up method because I’ve done both. I just like when the bar is at least close to my daily word count (the featured image makes me sad).

Do you have any magical ways to keep yourself on track?



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