Lauren’s Lessons Learned 9

Last week I went to Texas for the first time. And I flew for the first time. I had a lot of new experiences, which was exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. But what I realized, is that when we, as authors, experience new things, we can take those experiences (being in a new situation and that situation itself) and use them as reference for our stories. In my current WIP, my main character experiences a sort of futuristic airport. And she’s never experienced this before. So good thing I just happened to experience flying by myself for the first time! Now, I realize that these experiences are not analogous, but I can use my experience to enhance hers.

So something I want to try to do in the future is capture my experiences, whether that be through photography or just journal posts. If I can capture my feelings and emotions around these experiences, I have reference for later. But obviously, just living out the experience is super helpful. I can sit here and imagine the anxiety I had as I got dropped off at the airport and I walked in by myself. Those emotions that I will be able to pull at any given moment will definitely aid my writing.

Bottom line: we’re always a writer. So take advantage of every experience for your writing!

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