Point of Views – Which One to Use?

For my NaNo novel for this year, I am revisiting an idea I have had from years ago:

A man and woman have a child together but break up, the woman taking the baby (he doesn’t want it). She ends up giving the baby away for adoption — later the man adopts a daughter (and she’s the baby from before!)

But here is the issue, when I started this story so many years ago (I have no idea where any of it is, or if I just wrote it in my head?!) I was writing it in the perspective of the father. But as I was rethinking it, the daughter might be an interesting POV to use.

So how do I choose? I honestly don’t know. I mean, I could do a pro and cons list. But as I tried to map out plot in my head, I realized that this particular idea is going to be more of a subplot in the entire novel.

If I were to have written it in the POV of the father, I wouldn’t have very much room to go for. I’ve never been a father (well, I will never be a father, as I am a girl…but I am also not a mother). And I’m not sure where else I can take the story other than that small plot idea.

So I started to think, what can I do plot wise for the daughter POV? Well, that opened up a lot of doors. Here are some additional plot points I came up with:

  • She is a daddy’s girl, it’s been only the two of them since she was 10.
  • Mom comes back into their lives, dad has to be friendly with his ex, but now there is a third person in their personal lives.
  • She finds a boy at school – can cause conflict between the two parents.
  • Dad is also dating – more conflict!

So now, instead of my story being all about this one plot point, the story is about people coming in and out of this girl’s life, and how she manages her relationships with people she is closest to.

Now I realize that thinking out problems like this can open up solutions to other problems I didn’t realize I had!


Featured image from Flickr user Kelley Conkling.


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