Lauren’s Lessons Learned 8

Procrastination. That’s what I learned this week. Procrastination kills. And it is horribly tempting when you give yourself other things to do. I have a bunch of things that I could be doing, like planning for NaNoWriMo, adding to my novel, writing blog posts, etc. etc. But you know what I did? Sit on my tablet and play games. I AM A HORRIBLE PERSON!

Well, not really. I’m not horrible. Just horrible when it came to procrastination this week. So, here are ways that I think I (and you, if you are in the same boat) can use to help not procrastinate:

  • Don’t give yourself other options: so if you are going somewhere, like to a coffee shop, or on an airplane, don’t bring your tablet, that book you can’t put down or whatever it is. Just bring what you need to work on, and you will have no choice but to work on it.
  • Set the right mood: for me, the best way to feel like I am going to get some writing done is to light a nice candle, put on my soundtrack Pandora station, make myself some hot chocolate and sit at my desk. So I know that when I don’t have that atmosphere, I’m really not going to get anything done.
  • Rewards: And this one I find important. Those things you want to use to as procrastination, use them as rewards when you finish. So if you need to catch up on that show you’ve been binging on, make sure you can’t access it while you are working (see my first point) and let yourself have it when you finish!

Do you have any other methods to prevent procrastination? I would love to hear them!


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