A Little Story for You

I am finally ready to dive back into my novel! In my break, I had been writing very short pieces of fiction to keep up my writing. And now that I am heading back to the novel, I thought I would share with you one of those stories. Enjoy!

The Scratching

She didn’t know where the sound was coming from. It wasn’t that she was scared. Okay, she was a little scared. But she had every right to be. She was home alone, after all, and there was a scratching noise in the corner of her apartment.

She thought about calling her friend Mick over, but he was at work and she was sure it would turn out to be nothing.

“You can do this. It’s not like a murderer would scratch at the corner of your room,” she said to herself.

As she walked closer to the sound, she noticed she could see glimpses from outside. The scratching had produced a small hole that was only getting bigger. A small draft was pulling the winter air into her room.

She got down on her hands and knees and peered through the whole. Something black plugged it up and she heard a faint whistle. She got up to her knees and watched, as the whole got a bit bigger and a bit bigger.

Soon enough, she realized what was causing the hole. A soft brown paw clawed its way into her room.

“What’s wrong?” she cooed as she bent back down to get a better look at the dog. The dog whined at her and she jumped up and grabbed her coat. She ran outside to find an adult female dog with three puppies. She carried all three puppies while encouraging the mother to follower her back inside.

She got them a bowl of water and tried to heat them up with an extra blanket from her linen closet. The mother laid down in the corner of her room, one without the hole, and the puppies joined her.

After plugging the whole with a spare towel, she crawled into bed. She liked her new house guests.


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