Where Are Her Parents?

Considering I am writing a novel in the perspective of teenagers, they still live at home with their parents. Initially, my main character’s parents were dead (or rather, missing throughout the novel and thought to be dead). Then I realized, what was the point of that? It didn’t add anything to the plot. Was I doing this just so I didn’t have to write them in and deal with adding another set of characters/relationship for her?

I think sometimes its easy to just kill off the parents. Then the character is free to do whatever they want because there is no parental figure around. Sometimes, I do think it helps shape the character and is necessary to do so.

I just think that this instance opened my eyes to sort of “easy way outs” in writing. Just because it is easy, doesn’t make it the best thing to do!


2 thoughts on “Where Are Her Parents?

  1. I think including the characters’ parents may add some value, actually. Just my humble opinion 🙂 Perhaps their family could have helped shape them into who they are currently?

    • I completely agree. I find sometimes that it feels like people will leave out parents out of convenience. But the relationship someone has with their parents can show who they are very well.

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