Everyone Can Be a Writer. Seriously.

Quite a few people always say “oh I could never do that” when I mention that I am working on a novel. And they don’t necessarily mean it in the I-hate-writing sort of way. They mean it in the I-am-incapable way or the I-am-not-creative way. But I think they are wrong. They are capable. They are creative. You just have to find what sticks with you.

I thought I was incapable of writing a novel, that my ideas weren’t creative enough to fill enough pages. But I proved myself wrong (and some others who thought I wouldn’t be able to do it).

So let me tell you, yes you, that I know you can do it. You have ideas and you have the ability.

No, I may not be published (yet) or even have a completely finished novel. But I proved to myself I had more in me than I thought. So guess what. You have more in you than you thought.

If you like the idea of being a writer, then just do it. Don’t let anything stop you!


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