Lauren’s Lessons Learned 6

This week wasn’t so much about learning as it was about…not learning? What I mean by that is I didn’t do a whole lot of writing this week, despite that lofty goal I assigned to myself. But, I still learned something (even though I thought I knew it already…): breaks are GOOD.

So after taking that last couple of months to edit what I had of my novel, I decided to take October to completely finish a draft. But I think after working closely with it for 3 months, trying to push out another 10-15,000 words was not going to happen.

I got some great advice to try and take some time to work on another project (even if it is just flash fiction or something short). So while I am using the time to get some advice on plot (and the many options I have floating around in my mind) I will continue to write something else to get the creativity back.

So take my advice –  if you are in a super deep rut and need to do something to get the inspiration back, take a break (as long as you want) and return to your work later.


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