Where Do I Go from Here?

So remember when I said I was going to finish my novel this month? Well, I’ve already hit a roadblock. Where is this thing going?!

It was easy for me to finish my first additional chapter, it just flowed out of me as easily as it could have. But that second chapter after? UGH. And I’m at the point where I am pretty happy with what I have (as it has been edited countless times) and I’m scared if I keep writing without a clear path, things aren’t going to end well.

My solution right now? Force my sister to read what I have and help me. Although she is not a writer, she reads a TON of YA like I do, and I always value her opinion.

But is this the best option? What to do you guys do when you don’t know where your novel is going (or really ending at this point…)?


5 thoughts on “Where Do I Go from Here?

  1. I would argue that you should write something small and different. Don’t give up on your novel, but take a one or two day break and focus on a poem or a flash fiction piece. This can help generate ideas while giving your mind a break.

  2. I really have no advice to give since I have never been able to finish anything I have started. I am finally approaching the end, but there are still many, many chapters to go. L. N. Holme’s advice seems good to me! And I wish you luck. I truly love seeing people accomplish their dreams of becoming writers.

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