Lofty Goal of the Month

It’s no secret that next month begins NaNoWriMo. But this month, I am having my own lofty goal: finish my novel. I am determined to have something publishable in the next year (with editing/revising, of course). So, I have decided that I will finish it in October, take November off to work on something else (hello NaNoWriMo!) then spend December on editing/revising/pushing it on my friends to give me feedback.

One thing I am trying out this month is Victoria Schwab’s calendar trick. If you want more on how that works, check out this video:


More or less, I am trying every trick in the book to ensure that I do finish in October. I don’t expect it to be nearly as long as the 50,000 words required to win NaNo, so it’s kind of like a prep month 🙂


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