When Organization Becomes Inspiration

I mentioned before that I was on a mission to make myself more organized around my novel. And I did just, that, I completed a map of my world! Hurray! But you know what? I got even more out of it than just organization, I got INSPIRATION.

So I finished my map and that is great. But as I was thinking through various names and their locations, I ended up thinking not just about the fundamentals of geography, but of the implications of that. What if these weren’t named like the others, would that cause an issue?

Those types of questions started leading me down a path of seeing different angles of my overarching story. And what makes this particularly exciting for me, is that I’ve been told I have enough story to last a book or two. But now I know where it can go instead of just having this vague sense of content overload.

Therefore, I have one tip: when you are doing the maybe-less-fun tasks while writing, like organization, use that to your advantage, as I found out on accident!


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