Tips for Social Media

Two weeks ago I wrote a post why writers should be on Twitter. And I think it is important that you are on social media, but that you also know some quick tips on how to use it well.

Once again, my marketer is being brought out. I was fortunate to learn about social media in college, particularly how to use it for effective communications (like promoting yourself or a brand).

Now that many writers are looking at self-publishing, it is important that you can market yourself to the world. One of those prominent channels is social media.

Today I participated in a Twitter chat that usually deals with journalism/communication education (#EdShift) but today’s topic was getting started on social media. While there are some comments that may be more towards the journalism/education aspect of the chat, there are some really wonderful tips that I think everyone should know.

Here is a Storify of that chat. If you have any specific questions about social media, I would love to help!

And here are some main takeaways:

  • Don’t be all about you. Be part of the wider conversation on the internet.
  • Engage: don’t Tweet AT your followers. Interact with them and show that you are an authentic human being.
  • Auto tweeting your blog posts is BORING. Don’t let your Twitter feed be a simple RSS feed of your blog.
  • Think before you Tweet. Obvious, sure, but should still be mentioned!
Featured photo by Flickr user mkhmarketing

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