Lauren’s Lessons Learned 3

Guess what guys, it’s time for Lauren’s Lessons Learned! This week I learned one very important lesson: ORGANIZATION.

My novel takes place in my own sort of world, and it really is quite surprising that it took me until this weekend to map it out. I’ve been working on it for almost 3 years and only now is there a concrete plan for where things are.

So now I’ve got a giant map. Great. But what else is lacking organization?

Well, I’m glad you asked. Because quite frankly, a lot is. I’ve been trying to better document what happens chapter by chapter, as well as names of characters. But that only got me so far. What I need to do is create an encyclopedia for myself, because I do create a decent amount of things that I probably should keep straight. And then there is a timeline. That doesn’t exist, but probably should.

WHERE DOES IT END?! But seriously, where? If I get too lost in my encyclopedia (which I have attempted and stopped about a year ago because I was getting too wrapped up in it rather than my actual novel), then I lose time with my novel. And isn’t all of this supposed to be helping me write my novel better? How can in necessarily be better if it is taking time away from writing it? Or is that the point, that this whole organizational part is part of the process.

Really, I have no idea. This is the very first time I’ve attempted a novel (and am proud of myself for keeping up with it for years). So I have a lot left to learn. But that’s okay, because I can share all of those wonderful lessons with you!


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