Are You On Twitter?

Hey lovely writer friends! It’s that time where I try to use what skills I have learned in the digital marketing world to benefit all of us writers. Today, we talk about Twitter.

You may think, jeez, I really need to be on Twitter because I’m just supposed to be. Well, I don’t think that is a very good attitude! So here are some great reasons why you should want to be on Twitter.

  1. #amwriting: it’s a wonderful way to express your successes and frustrations of writing, while seeing all the other success and frustrations that fellow writers are encountering.
  2. Other writers: there are some great and inspiring writers on Twitter. They help you realize that what you are going through is all worth it, and also just as difficult as feel it is. Some of my favorites include: Victoria Schwab, Chuck Wendig, Shannon Hale, and Elizabeth Eulberg.
  3. It’s for your own good. this one isn’t from me, but from some other writing folks I have encountered. By having a solid presence on social media, including Twitter, you create a following for yourself as a brand, something that agents and/or publishers will want to buy into. If they see that others are behind you, people will know you can actually sell yourself to an audience. Just like your books will need to do!
  4. Promote yourself: a.k.a. your blog. It’s a nifty way to share your longer ramblings of your writing life with others who aren’t already following your blog.

So there it is! If you aren’t already, get on Twitter. If you are, come follow me and some of the others I mentioned.



*photo by Howard Lake on Flickr


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