Lauren’s Lessons Learned 1

Since I am getting into editing and writing every day, I figured it would be great to compile a list of what I learned from the past week. So, without further ado, here is what I learned this past week!

  1. While editing, you will find good and bad chapters. Once I found those good ones, I decided to mark them and use them as reference to refresh the other not so good ones. I also came to the realization that one particular chapter was good because it was where the plot really picked up. If I can make all the chapters leading up to it feel as critical as this chapter, I will be golden.
  2. I referenced different characteristics of my main character, but never showed them. I’ve noted all the spots and plan on going back to create scenes that show them. Because, as many writers know, showing > telling. I find that I tend to tell on first drafts, just to get down on paper what I want to say. Then I can revise those tellings into showings when I sit down and revisit those parts!
  3. Along the same same line as number two, I tend to restate the same ideas, making it repetitive. I need to trust that my readers are smart enough to figure things out, because they are! Keep that in mind, you have smart readers!

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