Recently I have seen a lot of discussion around the hashtag #amwriting. Many are questioning the validity of the hashtag — if you are tweeting, you aren’t writing. But I don’t think the hashtag should be taken that literally.

For those of you who don’t know, #amwriting is used often when writers are posting on social media to indicate the post is relating to their current writing project. It seems simple enough, but there are various takes on it.

Personally, I don’t use #amwriting to indicate that at that moment I am writing. Sometimes, I do take a short writing break to tweet, using the hashtag, and then go back to my writing. But I use it more often to say that I am in the writing process. (I mean, are writers ever not writing?) I want my followers on Twitter to be able to follow my process of writing, on top of the other random tweets I send out. To me, #amwriting indicates to my followers, who are particularly interested in my writing, that this tweet is about that.

I think it is silly that people think using #amwriting defeats its literal meaning. Words mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. So if you don’t use #amwriting because you think you must literally be writing for it to work, then go ahead and don’t use it. But that doesn’t mean your take on the hashtag is the same take as those using it.


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