Chapter Titles: To Be or Not To Be

As I work on my novel, I have run into the question of titling my chapters or not. This question isn’t soul crushing or anything that is preventing me from continuing my work. However, it is something important that needs to be clarified.

When I started my drafts, I titled my chapters. I tried to make it a one word title, something that related to the events in the chapter. As I continued this pattern, one word turned into a couple and soon, I was more concerned with coming up with these titles than other more important issues.

I’ve come to the conclusion that with this novel, chapter titles aren’t a good idea. Mainly this came about when I was having it workshopped as my creative writing thesis. It came down to the fact that my novel flips between two characters’ point of views. To make things easier on the reader, my chapter titles are now just the two characters’ names.

But that is just for this one particular work of mine. In general, how do you know when to name your chapters, or simply number them? Do you have any rules of thumb for your own works?

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