How to Get Your Character Un-stuck

As I was rewriting an important scene in my W.I.P., I couldn’t figure out the appropriate way for my character to get herself out of a situation. I struggled for nearly half an hour before I stopped and thought “what are her strengths?”

Fortunately, analyzing her strengths as a person allowed me to get her where she needed to be. Funny enough, I was reading Absalom, Absalom! and came across this quote:

a man always falls back upon what he knows best in a crisis (Faulkner, 193)

This explains exactly how I was able to work past my writer’s block. My character was in a crisis and she relied on her skills/talents to get herself out.

So there you have it. If you are stuck and are unsure of how to get your character to where they need to be, take a step back and remind yourself of what that character’s strengths are. It may seem rather obvious (good ol’ 20/20 hindsight) but may be something you need to be reminded of.


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