Inspiration From My Youth

Recently I was discussing my W.I.P. and was suggested to look into a book to see how that author accomplished various things. It turned out that book was, and still is, one of my favorite books I have ever read. As I thought more about it, my current W.I.P. has similar currents to that book. So I was wondering, was I subconsciously inspired by it?

In the past inspiration for stories has come from dreams. I’ve never really taken a deeper look to see what other influencers were part of my creation.

But now, it seems as if everything I do write has some influence from the TV shows I watch or the books I have read. And I think this is a good thing.

One thing people have always complemented me on is that I have a strong voice. And I think this comes from my passion to seek out books that I admire in the genre I enjoy to write. With each book I read (or have read even over 10 years ago) I solidify more what needs to happen in my own writing voice to be successful.

Captain Obvious here telling all you writers out there to read, read, read. It helps me learn how to craft various elements of a story, especially things I  struggle with. Now I’m not saying go and copy things from other authors, but use their methods and construction tools as guides to your own writing.

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