Details, Details, Details

One thing I know I have difficulty with in my writing is detail. I’m often focused on everything else going on that I skip over describing the scene. However, something I have recently been curious about is how much detail is necessary depending on the genre.

As someone who writes YA, I’ve always wondered if my amount of detail should be the same to that of other genres. In my writing group, critiques almost always say I should have more detail (which I would agree with). But what I am unsure about is if I need the level of detail that they want.

When I read other YA books, I don’t really notice an abundance of detail. That’s not to say that they aren’t there. The detail is sufficient for setting the scene. And this amount of detail is typically less than what my fellow writers have been suggesting. Since most of these writers don’t write YA, I’ve been inclined to think that I don’t need as much detail as they are suggesting.

I could be completely wrong, mind you. But it seems to me that comparing my writing to works, like Lord of the Rings, is a bit unreliable. Our audiences are different and expect different things from the writing.

Have you found that different genres have different amounts of detail? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!


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