Review: Better off Friends

Better off Friends is a YA novel by Elizabeth Eulberg. It focuses on the story of main characters Macallan and Levi, as their friendship grows from 7th grade into high school.

As a lover of YA, I was extremely excited to start this book. I was a little skeptical when it started off with 7th graders, as I find that a little too young for my reading tastes. However, it worked well with the novel and was something I easily worked with.

That being said, this book was nearly impossible for me to put down (I finished it in three sittings). The characters are well developed to the point that the reader is emotionally invested in their lives. At times I wanted to throw the book across the room because a character infuriated me, and at others I wanted to cry out of sadness. But I found myself smiling through most of it as I thoroughly enjoyed all the Wisconsin references (being from Wisconsin myself) as well as the lighthearted humor that existed throughout.

If you have any interest in YA or even books that have great characters, this book is for you.

You can find Better off Friends at a local book store or online at  Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

For more about Elizabeth Eulberg, visit her website.


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