Advice: Your Posts and Social Media

This post isn’t so much about my writing as it is something that can help all my lovely followers!

I am majoring in Strategic Communications and am a huge fan of social media. I did a post a while back about how great Google+ is for bloggers. Now I’m going to discuss how to use Twitter to your advantage.

First off, I haven’t used the Publicize function of WordPress because I like to customize what I am doing on social media to the actual service (Twitter, Facebook, G+, etc.)


For Twitter, you obviously only have 140 characters so it is important to use them wisely. In my opinion, you aren’t using them to your full advantage by simply tweeting the title of your post and the link.

What I suggest is using a short hook to get at the concept of your post that entices followers to click on your link and read more. Using my previous post, here are examples of what a good and bad tweet would look like:

Bad: @simonislauren: Blogging About a Work in Progress

Why is this bad? Yes, you can see that my post is about blogging a work in progress, but that isn’t exactly what the content is.


Screen shot 2014-02-09 at 6.19.55 PM

Why is this good? You know what the post is exactly about. I am calling to action my followers who are also writers.


  • When coming up with your hook, think “what about my post would others want to read it?” Use that in your hook.
  • Use or other link shortening services to cut down how many characters your link eats up.



This platform is a little tricky. I find it is more difficult to pull readers from Google+ because from what I can tell, most people hang around the different communities rather than looking at posts in their feed.

However, I would recommend using a photo with your post. The one thing about Google+ is that photos look really nice, and is something you should use to your advantage.

And the same goes for text. Don’t just use your title and link, especially since you have much more room to add more text. Try to use a hook but you can be a little more descriptive about your post. But make sure you don’t give away too much or they won’t need to read your post!


This is very similar to Google+. Posts on Facebook with photos tend to get more interaction than those that don’t. If at all possible, use a photo!

I’m going to sound like a broken record, but the same thing goes for the text as for Twitter and Google+. Avoid the title/link combination as it isn’t as engaging as using a hook with more interesting language. That’s not to say your title might not be a good title, but it just doesn’t do what a nice hook sentence will.

If you haven’t checked out your stats, do so! But there is one thing that I would like to point out in relation to social media. You can see “referrers” or sites that brought a viewer to your blog. This is great to see which social media platforms are working well for you.

Hopefully this was a nice helpful post for all you followers! If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments and I would love to help you out!


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