Blogging About a Work in Progress

As I am revising my novel, it dawned on me that I don’t have a good idea about how blogging my process should work.

For starters, how much information is too much information? I understand that it is good to blog about it in order to get a sort of “following” and to have people excited about it. But where should I draw the line between giving enough details to make that happen, and giving away too much to potentially ruin the story?

Things I think are probably okay details:

  • Working title
  • Character names
  • Setting
  • Discussing general writing issues

Things that I am struggling with:

  • discussing more in-depth issues
  • plot (how much is too much?)
  • character development

Basically what it comes down to is how far should I explain where I am at? I want to share my process with my readers but want to be smart about it.

Fellow bloggers, any advice? Many of you  have done this yourselves and I would love your feedback!


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