When You Love What You Write

I have been re-reading my novel-in-progress and I am going to “toot my own horn” real quick. I am IN LOVE with my story.

Now, that’s not to say that my writing is 100% polished and ready to go. My novel has plenty more to go to be at a publishable state.

But getting lost in my own story is an incredible feeling. As I am re-reading it I almost forget it is my own work and get lost in the story just like any other. And that fact makes me feel good about what I am writing. Personally, I would rather write something that I love than to write for others. It honestly feels good.

But this coming Wednesday I will hopefully start getting feedback from another writer. I’m a bit nervous to see what a critical eye has to say about my first chapter, but hopefully throughout this semester we can make my novel shine.


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