NaNoWriMo Day 11

It has been a long 11 day my friends. With the combination of starting late and missing 3 days in a row, I am now 6,187 words behind. Yuck.

So far I have managed to write nearly 3,000 words today. I am beyond impressed with myself (and am not afraid to say it!).

The crazy thing is that even though I have a lovely outline to go off of, my story is growing and changing as I write it. It is honestly one of the craziest feelings to know that my story is alive (even if it is just in my head). My characters are evolving into more complex beings and the plot itself is expanding into different conflicts.

This is why I think everyone should do NaNoWriMo, even if only once. My brain gets so caught up in my story, knowing I “have” to write so much. It pushes me to elaborate more than I normally would, which is something I typically have trouble doing. My scenes are more descriptive and everything just keeps getting better.

Even with being 6,000 words behind, I am still optimistic that I can finish. Hopefully the rest of you are just as optimistic with your own word counts.

Happy writing!

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