Why it’s great to talk with other writers

One of the best things I have ever done in my college career is help create/join a student org dedicated to fiction writing. While I have taken creative writing workshops, nothing compares to a relaxed, chill environment where we can discuss more personal issues we are facing with writing.

While being able to ask questions on platforms like Google+ and WordPress are great, nothing beats in person discussion. It is great to know the group well enough to trust their opinions on my writing and general writing topics.

If you don’t have a face-to-face group of writers you can talk to, I highly suggest finding one. While not everyone is a student, a great way to meet other writers is looking at writing workshops offered by the community. A great example is some of the conference type programs offered by the University of Wisconsin-Madison Continuing Studies. They have an annual writer’s conference and two smaller programs in the summer and late fall that can be great outlets for finding a writing group.

One of my favorite benefits is having a consistent group that can allow me to get input on a novel. A lot of us are working on novel length works and its nice to be able to have someone willing and able to look at the whole thing in parts, as we have time.

Moral of the story? Find yourself some writing buddies. Hang out. Talk about movies or TV shows or books you are all into. Learn from those works and improve your own writing. Besides, it’s nice to have friends who understand the pains of a writer.

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