Why I want to be a writer

First off, sorry I sort of fell off the face of the Earth. A class I’m taking right now involves making a magazine in a single semester. I am creating the website as well as writing a story for it. If you are curious, check it out on Facebook or Twitter.

Any way, I was having a discussion about what I wanted to do after I graduate in May and I started really thinking about how for quite some time, I was embarrassed to tell anyone I wanted to be a writer.

WHAT?! I know. For me, writing is such a personal experience. Like anyone in any sort of art field, you feel like you are putting yourself out there and allowing your hard work to be judged. That’s not to say that other fields aren’t like that, but for me at least, writing always has some sort of personal element to it.

Until I started workshopping and having other people besides my sister read my stories, I had been too embarrassed to let others in on this personal world of mine.

I want to be a writer because I find that it is the best way I can express myself. I love the creativity required and the ability to transport people to other worlds. My main inspiration was J.K. Rowling. I loved that she inspired my generation to read and it was the first time I was every really deeply invested in any book. I wanted to be able to do what she did.

While I have sort of “come to terms” with telling people I want to be a writer, the next step is explaining that I want to write Young Adult works.

Personally, YA is something I have always loved and still love today, at 21 (which I may be past the typical reading age for it but I don’t care). What is great about YA is that I think it can encompass all sorts of issues and other genres. Like right now, my WIP is sort of sci-fi with adventure and romance. You can’t really get that anywhere else, in my eyes.

But anyway, when I was discussing about what I wanted to do after I graduated and I said I wanted to be a published author, the next logical question that was asked was what genre. When I answered YA, I could feel the judgement eyes come out.

First, I tried to explain what it is as a genre, which isn’t that easy. But I felt like I had to defend myself, that YA wasn’t an acceptable genre to want to write because as I get older, I am getting further and further away from that age group (and typically I am writing about 17-19-year-olds).

I think the guy I was talking with thought I wanted to write for kids and simplistically, that it wasn’t a prestigious genre. I think that idea is completely wrong, that YA can be compelling and sophisticated as any other genre of fiction.

But for now, I am trying to figure out how not to feel defensive over my decisions, as they really only affect me. Regardless of how others react, I plan on writing YA fiction because that’s what I enjoy writing.

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