Review: Fat Girl, Fairy Boy

Fat Girl, Fairy Boy: a book you can’t put down.

Fat Girl, Fairy Boy, by Carol McConkie is a great story that shows how someone’s past can shape who they are in the future. The book begins with Robin, a makeup artist in California. It gives a glimpse of who he is today, an openly gay germaphobe.

The following chapter is about Frie, an actress in Hollywood who likes food a little too much. After the reader knows who these two characters are, it delves into their past of pain and misfortune, before returning to the present.

This book is a great, fast read for many reasons. The characters are very compelling and relatable that you get attached to them within a few chapters into the book. You want to watch them succeed and triumph through their hardships. The book plays almost like a movie, which works great with the characters, and makes the read fast pace. McConkie’s writing has humor mixed with darker undertones, keeping the read interesting and dramatic.

The one downfall of the novel is that it is front loaded with the past of the characters and halfway through changes to current events. While both halves are extremely fascinating, it feels like the past and present should mix a little more

Don’t let that stop you from reading Fat Girl, Fairy Boy. It is worth every second you put into it, even if it only takes you a day to finish.

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