Being a writer 24/7 is awesome

Once you have been writing for a while, you realize you can’t turn off that part of your brain. Every time I watch a tv show or movie or do anything that has a story line (even Dungeons and Dragons) I am very conscious about the decisions that had to be made.

What I mean by this is asking myself questions like “Why is this character there?” or “What if this character’s personality was different?”

I find that watching tv/movies or reading books allows me to improve my own writing abilities because I can pick up on decisions other authors have made that were successful. I also find myself paying attention to things that I see a lot and try to take a spin off of them (like my trio of characters poll I did a couple of posts ago). I noticed a lot of the time there are two girls and one guy (obviously not true for everything) and tried to change my trio to not be the norm as I saw it in my head.

Being a writer also helps you predict where the story will go, especially in mysteries. For example, watch an episode of the Scooby-Doo. If you have your writer turned on you will likely be able to pick out who did it the moment you are introduced to them. Similarly, I do this with my favorite tv show Psych. Basically you can show off your ability to figure things out sooner than your friends because you can understand the way it was written for the purpose of having that character who “did it.”

3 thoughts on “Being a writer 24/7 is awesome

  1. I experience the same thing. Spending time in stories helps you see the choices coming and gauge which one the writer is most likely to take. This makes me more critical about some things, but it also makes it so much more fun when there’s a twist I don’t see coming. Then I can lean back and say, “Ah, that was really good! I’ve gotta remember that one…”
    The toughest part (for me anyway) is keeping my mouth shut about what’s coming, so as not to ruin something for the people around me… Great post!

  2. We watch a lot of Scooby Doo – there are still some mysteries that I can’t figure out in other programmes though. For me, being a writer means that I don’t look at anything now without thinking about the story behind it and filing it away for inspiration. Can be annoying sometimes when you just want to enjoy life without trying to find the reason and the story behind it! Lol. 🙂

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