Camp NaNoWriMo Update: Day 8

Guys, I’m crazy. Seriously crazy.

So I had 6,500 words into a story when I decided, I hated that story. Like didn’t write for three days I hated it so much. So what was my brilliant plan? Start over. From scratch. 

I probably screwed myself over big time. I am 3,647 words into my new story, only 9,256 words behind where my word count should be for today.

I just got so stuck that I knew I would never make it if I kept going with my original story. My new story is kind of a stereotypical YA novel. Don’t be surprised if it seems like something a la Meg Cabot (because I took inspiration from her Mediator and 1-800-Where-R-You? series).

My “just for now” title: I Wish I May (super horrible. Just a place holder, I promise).

Brief Summary: Lizzy is a typical high school teenager. She has her two best friends and a crush on the hottest guy in school, who happens to be dating her used-to-be best friend and now arch enemy. During an accident in physics lab, Lizzy unknowingly gains the “power” to will things to happen. Will she use them for good? What happens when she wills to happen one of the biggest mistakes of her life?

I’m hoping to put enough minor spins into the story to keep it interesting and not follow every cliché in the book. And now that I’m talking about clichés, I would like to take a second to poll you guys on what I think is a cliché that comes up a fair amount:

That’s all for now folks! Back to getting up that word count and hoping to catch up soon!

Word count: 3,647 of 50,000

Sanity level: good (for now)


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