Character & World Building for the Visual

I am a very visual person and found that I want pictures to refer to when writing. However, I am not the best of drawers so I had to find a different solution. My solution? The Sims. That’s right, I’m using a computer game to aid my writing. Here are my thoughts on why it is beneficial for those of us who like to visualize our characters and world:

  1. After long searches on the internet, there are no other substitutes that I was able to find. The Sims allows me to be nit-picky with characteristics of my characters. I can choose from different face shapes, or go in and adjust it all myself. Nothing that I found gave me that sort of freedom.
  2. With world building, you can create all sorts of crazy cool towns. My “town” for my book is a little more futuristic and was worried that the default settings for various elements wouldn’t give the right concept. While I can’t get everything exactly how I want it, it’s pretty easy to get it close.
  3. You can take screenshots and videos of your interactions in the game. That way, you can refer to what you have created outside of the game.
  4. The Sims 3 has personality traits (like brave, genius, ambitious,  loner, slob, light-sleeper, never-nude….). It forces you to think deeply about who your character is. While I had these thoughts running around my brain, it was a great way to make them concrete.

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