NaNoWriMo Update

Yes, I am still working on that NaNoWriMo novel I finished in November.

For a long time, I was avoiding working on it. I knew what I had done was good in the idea, but not so much in the execution. But my problem was, I didn’t know where to start fixing it.

What I recently realized, as in last week, was that the story I had written was only part of a larger story I wanted to tell. The first draft drew out for 165 double-spaced pages what was only a small portion of what I plan on telling in what will hopefully be my first novel.

I am currently in the planning stages now, trying to nail down all my characters and world building. I’ve done some short pieces for the characters to develop them and find that this is a fantastic way to flesh out characters who don’t get a lot of time on the page.

One thing I have yet to decide is the ending. I know the vague idea of the ending, it’s just the issue of coming up with those last pages to tie up all the loose ends.

Another thing I can’t decide is if I want it to be in what is currently the main character’s point of view, or have it flip between her’s and another important character. (If you have any insights into this I would be happy to hear what you think!).

But for now, it’s back to planning.


2 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Update

  1. I find this is where it’s important to have someone to bounce ideas off of. My sister Natalie often serves as my bad idea filter. Talking it out, or going back a few steps tends to help me figure out my way around a problem.

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