Unique Book Marketing

I ordered some clothes online the other day. When my order arrived, this was in the package, along with the clothes and some catalogs:


What this is, is a bookmark with information about the book, as well as a QR code, and that little round guy is lip balm. I thought to myself, this is a great marketing technique.

Marissa Meyer (the author of the book on the bookmark) is clearly hitting her target market. Girls interested in YA literature (me included, even if I am slowly moving away from that age range) are shopping at this store. This is why I think her marketing technique is great, because her target market has to line up with this store’s  consumers. It is almost a no brainer (once you think of this sort of marketing) to throw in a freebie with online purchases of that store.

When I get published (hopefully), I am definitely keeping this in mind. It’s a unique way to show your book to potential readers. It’s a refreshing change of pace instead of your typical banner ads or bookstore marketing.


4 thoughts on “Unique Book Marketing

    • No problem! I love finding unique ways to market yourself or your book (even though I don’t exactly have anything to market yet). I’m glad I was able to share something you found interesting.

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