NaNoWriMo Day 12

It is official, I am behind. It is getting more difficult every day to keep up. I think it’s my plan of attack. I am getting bored with the more developmental parts of my story and want to skip ahead where all the fun crazy action occurs. I’ve given up on writing straight through. Now I am jumping around, writing whatever part that seems most interesting at the time. What will really be interesting is when it gets down to the last few days, and I have completed all the fun parts. But that’s the troubles that come with being a writer right?

I’m thinking if I tack on 100 more words or more a day, I will be able to catch up no problem. Hopefully I don’t have another day write-free or that may send this whole challenge over the edge.

Current word count: 18,484.

Words left: 31,506.


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