Get to Know Your Characters

One of my favorite things to do to understand my characters better, is to write a short one-off story in their point of view.  Although my novel switches between two point of views, it is still an interesting exercise to put those characters through.

It really gives me great insight because I can put them in situations that are important to them, not just the main characters who drive the story.

And I personally like this method better than a standard Q&A because you can actually see how your characters will interact in situations, not just what they would tell you they would do.

Everyone Loves A Little Shakespeare

So this quote isn’t necessarily inspirational, but just one of my favorite moments in 1 Henry IV. If you like this play, or Shakespeare at all, I highly recommend watching The Hollow Crown as it is one of my favorite adaptations of his work.

No, my good lord; banish Peto,

banish Bardolph, banish Poins: but for sweet Jack

Falstaff, kind Jack Falstaff, true Jack Falstaff,

valiant Jack Falstaff, and therefore more valiant,

being, as he is, old Jack Falstaff, banish not him

thy Harry’s company, banish not him thy Harry’s

company: banish plump Jack, and banish all the world.


I do, I will.